SoCal RCI SEMINAR SEPT 28th-Roof Drainage: Understanding, Analyzing and Correcting Roof Drainage Problems

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Inadequate roof drainage is a common problem found on many existing low-sloped roofs and on some new buildings. There are many reasons why drainage problems occur on new and existing buildings and the correction of such problems can range from simple to very complex.
There are some questions that need to be answered by the consultant, specifier, contractor and/or building owner, to ensure that the roof drainage complies with the applicable building codes, plumbing codes and the roofing material manufacture warranty. These questions include: 1) Do you have a drainage problem, 2) What are the problems, 3) What are the options for correct action, 4) What is right action for the specific project.
The intent of this seminar is to assist the attendees in answering these questions by providing you with useful information and/or identifying applicable sources of useful information that will allow you to better evaluate the existing roof drainage and to determine what corrective action is required. Having a knowledge of the applicable manufacturer requirements and codes, and a knowledge of the options available are critical to conducting both the proper analysis of the roof drainage and in determining what action should be taken if corrective action is required.
The speakers for this seminar include Dean Larsen, RRC, RRO of Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger; Szymon Zienkiewicz, RRO, CTI, LEED AP, EIT of SGH; Jim D. Koontz, PE, RRC of Jim D. Koontz & Associates; John Popp, Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete Product Field Technical Manager – West; Dale Reger, National Product Manager for Allied Insulation; Brian Billingsley, Lead Tapered Designer for Allied Insulation; John D. Shepherd, RRC, RRO of Shepherd Consulting Services; and Daryl Kuiper, State of Colorado, Plumbing Inspector Supervisor.

The sessions included in this problem are as follow:
· Roof Drainage Design and the 2007 California Building Code – What has changed?
· Beyond the Code: Other Industry Roof Drainage Design Guides for Roofing – What are they and how do they apply?
· Common Roof Drainage Issues and Solutions for Low-slope Roofs
· The Effect of Debris on the Flow Rate Properties of Roof Drains and Scuppers
· Slope Modification Options: Light-Weight Insulating Concrete
· Slope Modification Options: Tapered Insulation
· Slope Modification Options: Wood Taper Options, Crickets and Recesses Sumps
· Drainage Resources

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