Consultant Dave Gobis Predicts "there is no end in sight to leaky decks…"

This month’s Tile magazine just hit my mailbox today. On the cover is a question “Is it Really Waterproof? pg 16”.

So I go right to page 16 to read consultant Dave Gobis’ article about waterproofing for tile showers, decks, tubs, and steam room applications.

I was delighted to read his statement ” I have yet to see a product failure, however, it was alleged that there was a failing product on every job. So far all have been inappropriate material selection and/or poor workmanship.” Yes, yes and yes…

Better yet is “Decks and patios are fraught with obstacles to a successful installation. Most typical failures occur due to unskilled or semi-skilled labor, use of inappropriate products, railing penetrations, failure to allow for thermal and moisture movement, lack of counter flashing and poor drainage provisions.” Yes, yes, and yes… Any questions? You get what you pay for folks, go cheap, get cheap. Then you can pay a whole lot more to fix all the dry-rot and termite damage.

Thanks Dave for telling it like it is. I agree with Dave and his assement and in this economy, all it means to me is that our future incomes and work loads are assurred…