Who Do You Want on Your Job? A Guy Working Out of the Back of a Car That Should Have Gone to Cash 4 Clunkers?

So last week in my journeys through Thousand Oaks, I went by an HOA I had bid on for some deck work. I wanted to see if the competitor who got the job had started and see if what I predicted (dry-rot and other issues) had come true…

so as I drove through the complex, I didn’t see any trucks or other construction related activity, until I rolled around a corner to see the BMW pictured above with the trunk open. I saw someone working on a deck nearby so I stoppe dto see what was up…

Sure enough, this worker is working on the deck, and he’s working out of his trunk of his car…with cans of Life Deck in the rear that he had just bought at the store…

I’m ok with Associations hiring companies like this…it assures my future with a hack like this.

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