HOUSE Of HORROR In Ventura; Never Mind "Nightmare on Elm Street", Try Dry-Rot on Rincon Beach Drive

I’m repairing some decks at a clients house in Ventura. The other day I stopped in to check on the crew and inspect the job.

Two doors down, a home that just sold ten days ago was being sawn apart…

so curiosity got the better of me and I walked over to see the carnage…

Weak stomach’s beware!

So here’s this beautiful home, all dry-rotted in the 2 decks…they had tile over a hot mop type waterproofing…which leaks like a sieve, and caused probably a 100k worth of damage.

The cans for the lights in the ceiling are rusted!. The ceiling on the second floor deck is out, blue sky, looking at me…oh what a mess.

We’ve specified a Mer-Ko ARC dual membrane tile waterproofing/reinforced underlayment
for this job through Central Coast Waterproofing. This system will provide the base for tile that is necessary to support the weight and the dual waterproofing provides a redundant system that will provide peace of mind.

Call Central Coast Waterproofing for a free quote on waterproofing your next tile deck at 805-801-2380.