Great Deal on Blastrac BL-233 and Metabo W23-180 Grinders at QUEST Building Products in Anaheim!

I got an advertising flyer faxed from my friends at Quest Building Products in Anaheim the other day…

They have Blastrac’s BL-233 7″ Grinders and Metabo’s W23-180 7″ Grinder at a great price when you buy three or more…

The Blastrac deal is buy one for $180.00 or buy 3 or more for $165.00 each. That $165 price is a great price, I couldn’t find a better deal online at any internet store.

The Metabo deal is a little pricier, but still a great deal on a great tool…buy one for $190.00 or buy three for $174.00 each. Again, a great deal that the online giants don’t have…

Call Quest and order yours today at 714-738-6640, tell them you saw this deal at the Deck Expert’s blog! Act soon, this deal ends December 31st, 2009.

and no, I did not receive any compensation for this post….

I’m calling to order my Blastrac today!

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