From Paint Square’s Daily Newsletter-ASTM Adds Certification Programs

From my daily newsletter from Paintsquare comes this news about ASTM to offer product certification. This could be a direct challenge to ICC and their evaluation service…who would need a ICC report when ASTm certifies the product by testing it under it’s own test standards…

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Venerable standards developer ASTM International has announced that it will offer certification services for materials, products, services, systems and personnel.

The voluntary ASTM International Certification Programs, which the ASTM board authorized in October, are being launched in response to inquiries for ASTM to provide certification for independent, third-party demonstrations of compliance to standards.

Most of the demand has involved new standards development activities; some has come from those facing regulatory pressures to demonstrate standards compliance.

“The board agreed that the ability for the Society to offer certification programs as a part of ASTM’s portfolio of services – similar to our successful proficiency testing and training programs – is important in remaining relevant in the changing global marketplace,” explains James A. Thomas, president of ASTM International.

“This is the first step toward certification in ASTM’s 111-year history. The board approved this initiative to satisfy the requirements of ASTM’s diverse stakeholder community and to meet the needs of industries relying on ASTM International standards.” READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE