Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Inc. (WICR) Is No Longer a Listed Applicator for Mer-Kote!

Did Hell freeze over? I missed it I guess…

during a website update at DeckExpert.com, I was posting the Mer-Kote approved applicators list to the deck coating installers page…and I noticed that it had been revamped into a easier to read list…and then I was reading the list of applicators…and then I noticed that WICR wasn’t listed.

I inquired with a source at Mer-Ko who confirmed that WICR is not a listed applicator anymore.

WICR was the grandaddy installer of Mer-Kote; in the days of Dave Krubinksi as sales manager, WICR was THE Mer-Kote applicator, a force to be reckoned with…

but Dave Krubinksi left Mer-Kote after Parex bought them, and things changed for the better at Mer-Kote with new management and a new way of doing business…less good ole boy style and more like an open and free market.

So how does that effect you Mr. Homeowner or Homeowner Asssociation? Well that’s better left to be said by Mer-Kote, but my opinion is that any warranty written by WICR, if it meets Mer-Kotes standards and was registered with mer-Kote, is that your ok. You’ll need to have your decks maintained by a listed applicator. WICR cannot back any factory warranty up so far as I know…

If your warranty is written and backed by WICR, your at their mercy…check with Mer-Kote and see what might be done…bring or send a copy of your warranty to them.

Don’t forget, Central Coast Waterproofing is a listed applicator of Mer-Kote and can back your warranty with factory approved service and materials. Call Bill Leys at 805-801-2380.

Listed applicators for Mer-Kote can be found at Mer-Kote’s website.

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