DURADEK Decking Products Qualify for LEEDS Points

For Immediate Release – December 15, 2009 – Surrey, BC
Duradek is very pleased to announce that our products qualify for LEED points
LEED-certified buildings and products qualifying for LEED points are the hot topics in today’s environmentally-conscious climate.
Duradek is very pleased to be a GREEN leader in our industry and can qualify for LEED points for Heat Island Effect on Roofs as well as points for Regional Materials.
We already know that, despite the ongoing controversy surrounding PVC, the cradle to grave definition of ‘Green’ shows PVC products (and Duradek) in a much more favorable light than the alternative products.
          Duradek is lightweight, so less structural requirements are necessary to support it and less energy is consumed in transportation as compared to EPDM and concrete pavers.
          Duradek is a one-step application which compares favorably to the multiple application and re-application requirements of a liquid applied system, saving many job trips which in turn consumes much less energy.
          Duradek has a long life span, which means less on-going restoration requirement of the structure and less materials going into the landfill.
          Duradek has no chemicals that will leach into the ground at the end of life, unlike pressure treated wood.
To read more about Duradek being GREEN, please go to www.duradek.com/duradekisgreen.html?
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Jennifer Ogilvie
Marketing Manager
Duradek Ltd.

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