Expert’s Recommend Usinga Pro When…

Expert’s recommend using a pro when… (from the Wall Street Journal)

When It’s Best to Go With a Pro

2 When water is involved.

Leaks and water damage can lead to more costly and complicated repairs. If left unfixed, they can lead to mold — which affects air quality and if found during an inspection can be a deal breaker on a home sale.
Water-related projects don’t have to strictly involve your home’s pipes. Putting in a skylight might seem like a do-it-yourself job you can handle. Do it incorrectly, however, and you could end up with a leaky roof, water damage and mold.
“If you’re lucky and it leaks, you will see the leak,” says Mr. Knox. If you’re not lucky, leaking can start inside the ceiling and drip behind the walls, causing damage to drywall and wooden beams, he adds.
Mr. Knox says 90% of all construction-defect claims on jobs done by professionals are due to water intrusion, so “it escalates when you go to DIY.”

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