From SWRI’s website comes this press release…

Kansas City, MO: March 12, 2010 — A strategic alliance has been established between SWRInstitute
and RCI, Inc. The collaboration furthers the goals of both organizations – to promote standards for
those involved with sealants, waterproofing, building exteriors and restoration.
According to RCI President David R. Hawn, RRC, CEM, “The alliance strengthens the voice of both
RCI and the SWRInstitute. It expands professional development opportunities for construction,
consulting and contracting professionals, and it will present a united message regarding methods,
techniques and products used in the industry.” SWRInstitute President, Jed Daniel concurs. “Working
with RCI not only helps both organizations but the industry. SWRInstitute is excited about the
possibilities of this alliance.” The organizations will share industry expertise and information for the
mutual benefit of both associations.
SWRInstitute and RCI have begun collectively developing educational documents and programs for
sealant, waterproofing, building exterior, and restoration practitioners. A cosponsored Webinar on air
barriers is currently in production and will be released to the public mid-year in 2010. Future joint
projects will include a variety of Webinars, seminars, and position papers.
For more information on these professional groups, visit: http://www.swrionline.org and http://www.rcionline.
SWRInstitute is an international trade association that represents the commercial sealant,
waterproofing and restoration construction industry. With over 260 member companies,
SWRInstitute’s membership represents some of the most experienced and qualified contractors,
manufacturers and design professionals in the industry. Through educational programs and
publications, SWRInstitute members promote industry-wide standards of application and products.
RCI Inc.
RCI Inc. is an international association of professional consultants, architects, and engineers who
specialize in the specification and design of roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall systems. RCI
regularly hosts educational programs designed to demystify and explain the application of building
envelope technologies.

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