April’s REGENESIS REPORT is Now Published Online

HOA’s here is relevant and timely advice from our friends at Regenesis.net….
The Regenesis Report (National Edition) April 2010 is now available for viewing at www.Regenesis.net

Elect the Select.  How to pick the best for the board.
Ask the HOA Expert™.  Another set of intriguing Q&As.
12 Pet Rule Provisions.  Sit! Stay! Stay dammit!
Frequency of Recency.  Don’t be guided by the urgent.
Paint Prep Primer.  Preparation is 2/3rds of the job.
Threat Principle.  Threats work but watch your backside.
On Friendship.  The Prophet speaks.
A Bit o’ the Blarney.  Some Irish humor.
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