Coatings won’t Stop This Problem-Swamped by sulfates, Meadows HOA files suit

Concrete degradation can occur from many airborne contaminants. But when the problem is in the ground, no coating can stop this problem…read on!

Swamped by sulfates, Meadows HOA files suit With sulfates causing patios to crumble and wall foundations to be less secure, the Maricopa Meadows subdivision homeowners association is taking part in a claim against the subdivision developer.

Filed last month and being handled by Phoenix-based attorney John Chaix, the lawsuit came about in response to a questionnaire filled out by residents, which revealed a high number of those in the subdivision suffering from similar sulfate issues.

In communication to residents asking for those who wish to sign up to be part of the lawsuit, Chaix identifies more than 200 residents in the Meadows who claimed some measure of damage caused by sulfates – a mineral salt, which eats away at the concrete and walls of many homes.

According to the same letter, a special Type V mixture of concrete should have been used to avoid the deterioration problems now being seen. READ THE REST BY CLICKING HERE