AGC University (Oregon-Columbia Chapter) Offers "Deconstructing A Construction Defect Claim" Course

Hey if you are up in Washington?oregon and want to see how a construction defect case is deconstructed, then this course is for you.

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This course provides a general overview of a claim for construction defect based on water intrusion. It will explain legal issues that are typically a focus of these types of claims. It specifically looks at a variety of contract provisions that may affect the outcome of these types of claims.
***This course is intended to inform participants on matters of current interest in the legal industry. It is not intended as legal advice. Participants should not act upon the information contained in this course without seeking professional counsel.
Learning Outcomes:
What claims are typically made in a construction defect claim based on water intrusion
How these claims are handled by the court
What factual and legal issues typically arise in these claims
How Oregon courts have dealt with similar factual and legal issues
Anne Cohen, Attorney, Smith Freed & Eberhard