Sale on from CID Registry of California

Passing it on…any vendors who might be interested?


2010 CID Registry of California™

(Data as of 12/31/2009)

Now – only the “good stuff” at the same low price!

We have filtered out all listings that are older than three (3) years back from 12/31/2009.

20% off ends July 20,2010!

How much is one new client worth?

The cleanest and most up-to-date info available. Management company moved or merged… we have it updated!

• We have 31,700+ CIDs (HOAs, Condos, PUDs….) available by individual county on CD [active & suspended with FILEDATES after 12/31/2007 (3 years)].

• Common Interest Developements (CIDs – HOAs, CONDOs, PUDs…) are corporations and are required to file every two (2) years. That means CIDs that filed in 2009 will not be updated until sometime in 2011. Once submitted to the state, it usually takes a few months to actually get updated. So, that data is still pretty good!

• Never used the CID Registry of California™ CID/HOA databases to support your business development – here’s your chance!
The CID Registry of California™ databases contain contact information for approximately 31,900+ Community Associations (HOAs, Townhouse, Condos, PUDs, etc.) These associations are located throughout California’s 58 counties (48 counties in Northern California and 10 in Southern California).

Discounted Packages:

Add 8.75% CA sales tax for orders shipped to a California addressNo renting and no time limit on use
Provided on Compact Disc (CD) in ASCII text (.txt) and MS Excel (.xls) formats

• Provided in both ASCII- Comma Delimited Text (.txt) and Excel (.xls) formats & directions to import into MS Access.

• Agent, Mailing & President contact info. Management companies and developers identified! Last FILEDATE provided.

• Don’t miss this opportunity!
Go to: – for more info
click here to order on line.
“The Ability To Effectively Market Your Product or
Service Is The Life Blood Of Your Business.”
Order today – your competitor already has!

Need other states – Arizona, Hawaii, Neveda or Oregon got to
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