Lab approved for testing waterproof membranes for City of LA

Passing it on…

25 May 2010 – Precision Geosynthetic Laboratories International (PGLI) has been approved by the City of Los Angeles for the testing of Waterproofing Membranes and Methane Barriers. They are the first and only laboratory approved for Waterproofing Membranes and Methane Barrier. Their Test Agency permit number is TA 24784. They are capable of performing all of the tests required by the Los Angeles Department of Building Services for both Waterproofing Membranes and Methane Barriers.

PGLI is headquartered in Irvine, CA and has testing facilities to serve their clients all around the US and abroad in China. In 2009, PGLI was the first international company to be certified by the China Meterology Accredidation (CMA).
Please do not hesitate to contact PGLI with any questions regarding CMA testing or testing of materials for your business or product. Precision Geosynthetics Laboratory International is an independent testing company specializing in Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA)-Inspection and Sampling, Manufacturing Quality Control Testing, a full range of Geosynthetic Testing Services, Test Training, consulting, and specification reviews with laboratories operating in California, Texas, Georgia, and China.
For more information and a complete list of tests please visit PGLI’s web site or contact Ronald Belanger, president of PGLI, directly at