Satellite Dishes Got You Down? This could be the panacea for HOA’s and Apartment Communities

Could this be the answer to HOA and Apartment Community satellite dish mounting woes?
Simply provide and install these devices and it may solve a lot of your water intrusion headaches…haven’t tried them myself, but the theory looks sound and I am going to request a few samples to try out some of my own experiments…click to their website to read more…

Haselwander Development
Princeton Valley Golf Course

Satellite dishes have long been a source of contention for homeowner associations and developments. Many HOA (home owner associations) prior to 1996 had bans that governed dish and antenna installs. That year the FCC determined that receiving satellite signals was a basic right and to no one’s surprise dishes sprouted on building roofs, walls and eaves creating a clear mounting problem, with no control or uniformity in sight.
Roof consultants were concerned about the methods used for dish and antenna installations The more roof penetrations, the greater the possibility of leaking and the more attention required to prevent roof leaks from occurring. Many times these penetrations void roof warranties and can leak unknown for years until structural damage is discovered.
The Commdeck product line is the missing link that allows landlords and associations to manage dish and antenna installations and placement. Using Commdeck products will guarantee a uniform installation and maintain the beauty and structural integrity of your community and common property. Using the Commdeck products to mount satellite dishes will keep your roof warranties in tact and allow dish removal and upgrades to be controlled as tenants and homeowners change over time.

Testimonial – Situs Unlimited, Joseph Haselwander

Allowing satellite dish installation for my tenants has been difficult. I would need to take time out of my day to meet with an installer to determine where to place a dish for one of my tenants. The installer would tell me the options, which are, a pole in the yard, a mount lag bolted through the siding or a mount lag bolted through the roofing materials. In all cases a set of wires tacked to the building and another hole drilled into the building where the wire enters. In my estimation, none of these are acceptable. I own properties where the dish has been installed with no thought or concern about my property. This touched everything from the integrity of the structure to the appearance. As a result, I was driven to oppose any dish installations on my properties.
The Commdeck is used on all Situs buildings going forward. It has allowed us to plan for the satellite dishes in the same way that we have planned for the cable. It has provided a choice for my tenants. Satellite dishes on our new buildings have a clean, professional, uniform look that does not damage or degrade the property value.
By having this system built into my investment property, I have the peace of mind that the satellite equipment will be installed properly. My time is limited and this unit has also allowed the satellite installation to be completed with out my needing to go out to the site. In essence, I have given permission for the dish to be installed on these properties by simply having the Commdeck installed.
Joseph Haselwander
Situs Unlimited