Interesting Article-Why Hire a Waterproofing Expert Instead of an Architect or a General Contractor for Your Construction Defect Claims?

Saw this article come up on my Google alerts, it’s by David Krubinski, who has a consulting business. He makes some good points and gives us things to consider…
I would caution though that Mr Krubinski also owns a manufacturing company-Nevada Coating Systems. He is also a contractor licensed by the CSLB. ICR Services is his consulting company.

June 15, 2010
By David L.M. Krubinski
In most areas of litigation, hiring experts to inspect, analyze, consult and offer expert opinion testimony is common practice. Attorneys use experts because of an expert’s highly developed skills relative to the subject at issue in the litigation in order to ensure that clients receive superior quality representation. This is often exemplified in courtroom dramas, where ballistic experts may proffer testimony relative to the mechanisms and medical implications of trauma caused by bullets and explosively driven fragments, psychiatrists may offer opinions relative to a defendant’s sanity to assist in the determination of whether an actus reus was accompanied by some level of mens rea to constitute the crime with which the defendant is charged and accountants may testify relative to the significance of key financial documents. What about Construction Defect Litigation? Can an expert be the answer to your success in such cases and, if so, why should you retain a water proofing expert rather than an architect or a general contractor?