Connecticut Condo Owners Learn the Hard Way That Contractors Without Proper Insurance Can Screw Them Over

You’ve Been Warned…Read This and Learn…

…The roofing contractor working on the building in October lacked the proper insurance, so owners of all 100 units in the Twin Oaks complex — not just the 20 in building 106 — are on the hook for the repair bill. A special $400-plus monthly charge was imposed by the condo association in January to raise $200,000 for emergency roof work, utility safety tests and repairs.

This saddled owners with the added burden of the special assessment on top of mortgage payments and the $300 monthly common fees, without having relief from rental income in 106 Oakwood to defray costs.
Two of the owners in 106 are now in court, facing foreclosure.
The special assessment is an added burden for owners in all five Twin Oaks buildings.
“”People were barely making it before,” an elderly owner on a unit in neighboring 102 Oakwood Ave. said Friday. “Mother Nature did the damage, but the innocent have to pay the bill.”

‘It Was Bad’

Contractor KLS LLC of Wethersfield lacked proper insurance for roofing work being done at the time of the storms, though that wasn’t determined until after the deluge. The company had coverage for snowplowing and landscaping but not for roofing work, according to the Newington insurance agency, Connecticut Insurance Exchange, listed on the KLS permit applications on file with the West Hartford building department.

Glenn Terk, the contractor’s attorney, said Friday that he advised his client not to discuss the issue publicly because of the “potential for litigation.” Terk noted that no civil actions have been filed against his client, who had done roofing work in the past for Twin Oaks.

But someone is to blame, Pastor said, and not the tenants, who were just living their lives.

“The contractor was chosen by somebody,” he said. “Is this whole thing an issue of building management, of the roof not being properly maintained and so it needed repairs? Is it the condo association? Is it the roofer, for obvious reasons? Everybody is going to blame everybody, but how complicated is it?”