The Regenesis Report (National Edition) July 2010 is now available

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The Regenesis Report (National Edition) July 2010 is now available for viewing at

Managing Solo. Is your HOA cut out to go it alone?
Ask the HOA Expert™.  Another set of intriguing Q&As.
How to Deal with a Crazy Board.  Tips for getting your point across.
Committee Charters.  Every committee needs marching orders.
Collection Policy Scorecard.  Does your Policy have what it takes to bring home the bacon?
Pool Considerations.  Tune up your pool operation.
The Coach Speaks.  Never mistake activity for achievement.
Bob’s Rules of Disorder.  How to bring your meetings to a grinding halt.
ADVERTISERS  The Regenesis Report reaches over 10,000 homeowner association boards and managers nationwide each month.
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SELF MANAGED HOA? is specifically designed to assist self managed HOAs with management issues. 
Besides the personalized Ask the HOA Expert™
 service, there is a vast number of self-help resources. 
All for only $99/year.  For details, see
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