America’s Watchdog Says Investigation Reveals Homebuilders Failed to Pay Taxes on Undocumented Workers; Local, State & Federal Governments May be Owed Over One Hundred Billion Dollars

I don’t know about Coyote labor brokers, but I do know that most workers were paid by “piece rate”; meaning they got paid a set amount to install, say a bundle of shingles on the roof. If it takes him one hour to do something that normally might take 2 hours, what do you think happens to quality?  Anyway, this comes from this link.

Americas Watchdog is one of Americas premier consumer groups. For over two years it has been conducting a nationwide investigation focused on homebuilders using a “coyote labor broker scheme” to avoid the payment of local, state or federal taxes. According to Americas Watchdog, “in the last six years we are talking about millions of undocumented workers and up to a hundred billion dollars in un-paid local, state or federal taxes by their employers = national or regional homebuilders”. So what is a “coyote labor broker” & how does the scheme work?