Deck Expert Recommends You Read DURADEK President John Oglivie’s White Paper on Waterproofing and Tile Decks-BEFORE YOU TILE, Not After.

One of our advertisers (full disclosure here) has just published a white paper on the waterproofing and tiling of decks over living space.

Entitled “COMMON SOURCES OF FAILURE OF TILE DECKS ON WOOD FRAME CONSTRUCTION” the article discusses the issues and problems that result when one cheaps out on properly preparing and waterproofing the deck, the importance of drainage planes and Duradeks recommendations. John Oglivie, president of Duradek, is the author.

Here’s an excerpt from John’s article. 

There are few outdoor surfaces as attractive and durable as tile or stone and they can be used outdoors even in very extreme climates providing there is a great deal of care put into the choices of materials and trades people. As so often happens, attempts to cut corners on costs or by taking shortcuts, even ones that seem to make sense, result in the most expensive installations. The common themes in this report are to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter and employ only experienced professionals for each part of the job. The chances of a successful, long lasting installation increase exponentially if you do.

 The most surprising thing we discovered was that that if you were willing to research the issue and look to the industry experts and follow the recommended “best practice” standards, the success rate would be dramatically increased. Simply knowing the questions to ask and who to ask is the first step to getting the right answers.
Some of the best advice given to us by a “long in the tooth” tile contractor was this: He tells his customers who are interested in having tile or stone outdoors (especially on a wood frame building) that if they don’t have a budget sufficient to do it properly they should not even consider it. Taking money-saving short cuts with an “assembly” that requires all the components to work
together could prove to be extremely expensive in the long run.

Click here to read the rest of this article at
 read this article or you’ll probably pay a heavy price to fix the failures that commonly occur…

One thought on “Deck Expert Recommends You Read DURADEK President John Oglivie’s White Paper on Waterproofing and Tile Decks-BEFORE YOU TILE, Not After.”

  1. Great post, i have also read the link you have shared and found amazing information there, i have also referred this post to some of my fellows and i am sure they will be amazed to read this.


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