Hemp-Oil Used in Deck Sealer, No You Can’t Smoke It…

While this new product is for wood decks, I couldn’t resist in bringing this news to the world… 
Eugene entrepreneur and longtime industrial hemp advocate Dave Seber hopes to make a little history today at Seattle’s HempFest, a pro-cannabis event expected to attract at least 175,000 people.
He will be introducing Hemp Shield, which he calls the “world’s first” hemp-oil deck sealer.
Hemp Shield is coming to market in an unconventional way, but it’s backed by traditional research and development, and marketed as an eco-friendly product.
Forrest Paint Co., a 37-year-old Eugene company that has developed other niche paint products, engineered the water-reducible Hemp Shield formulation, and has tested it extensively in its labs. Seber contracted with Forrest Paint to manufacture and distribute Hemp Shield, which is priced at $35 a gallon.
“In our tests, it outperforms all the other deck stains on the market, primarily for UV resistance — how well it holds its color after exposure to intensive UV light,” Forrest President Mark Forrest said.
Hemp oil historically was used in wood preservatives and coatings until the 1930s, he said, but he’s not aware of any other hemp-oil deck sealer on the market.
The hemp-oil deck finish, which soaks deeper into the wood instead of forming a film on the top of the wood, “tends to hold up better to foot traffic, standing water and other stresses on a deck coating,” Forrest said.