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Understanding deference to HOA boards and overturning bad precedents

A recent California case, Affan v. Portofino Cove HOA, highlights several important aspects of legal precedent and the judicial deference doctrine that all advocates must understand. First, in California, as applied to maintenance decisions only, the court in Lamden v. La Jolla made a reasonable clarification of the business judgment rule and established the “judicial deference” doctrine.

This court ruled:

It is important to note the narrow scope of the Lamden rule. It is a rule of deference to the reasoned decisionmaking of homeowners association boards concerning ordinary maintenance. It does not create a blanket immunity for all the decisions and actions of a homeowners association. The Supreme Court’s precise articulation of the rule makes clear that the rule of deference applies only when a homeowner sues an association over a maintenance decision that meets the enumerated criteria.