Florida Condo Owner Asks About Roof Repairs….

From Florida’s News Press a reader wants to know about roof repairs…

Vote of owners isn’t required for roof repair

Association also can levy assessments

Joe Adams • special to news-press.com • November 21, 2010

Q: I am a unit owner in a condominium. Our board of directors is considering a proposal to replace the roofs on all of the condominium buildings at a total cost of $250,000. The board also intends to levy a special assessment to pay a portion of the cost. In my opinion, some of the roofs are in good shape, and not all of the roofs need to be replaced. Does the board have the authority to do this without a vote of the owners? L.T. (via e-mail)
A: In accordance with Section 718.113(1), Florida Statutes, maintenance of the common elements is the responsibility of the association. The management and operation of the association is by its board of directors, and the actions of the board do not require approval from the owners unless such approval is required by law or by the governing documents. As an example, if the proposal was to change the roof in a way that would constitute a material alteration or substantial addition to the common elements, then such a change would require approval by the unit owners in accordance with the declaration, or by 75 percent of the unit owners if the declaration is silent. Under your facts, it does not sound like a material alteration or substantial addition is being proposed. Therefore,  READ THE REST BY CLICKING HERE