Poor Basement Waterproofing Work Leads to Lawsuit in VA

Lawsuit Over Townhome’s Construction

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Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Sally Delta Goin
Lynchburg, VA – The owner of a Lynchburg townhome says part of his home was designed poorly – rain has flooded the basement 16 times in three years. Now, he’s suing the developers, the builders, and the homeowners association at Sterling Park.
Monday, a judge allowed the case to move forward.
Michael Bowers says the outside of the house just wasn’t built right. He’s an engineer and he collected a binder of evidence he says proves it.
Bowers’ basement looks beautiful now. But, Bowers says what is now meticulous was once moldy.
“I had to rip up the carpet up to here and this entire room was moldy,” said Bowers.
He redid the basement with water durable materials, making the moldy new again. But the transformation wasn’t cheap. He sank another $7,000 into a $12,000 finished off basement. He says someone built his townhome wrong.
“When all the water around here drains, it floods right to my back door, goes in right through the brick or under the house, so it causes this whole drainage or flooding problem,” said Bowers.
But he says the players – developers, builders, the homeowners’ association– are all passing the buck.

“You contact one and they go, ‘Well, you really need to contact the developer,’ said Bowers. READ THE REST BY CLICKING THIS LINK