When Tragedy Strikes-A Great Safety Awareness Article on High Rise Balconies/Railing and Keeping Them Safe

Florida Community Association Journal has a great article from last months issue available for free reading on the web. The article discusses railing safety on high rise buildings-pertinent info for any high rise building whether in Florida, Boston, LA, San Jose or wherever your high rise may be…

Joe Sanders, a CMCA credentialed HOA manager wrote this article on high rise balcony safety.

When Tragedy Happens
by Joseph Sanders, CMCA

On occasion, there comes a time when managers responsible for
operating a mid-rise or high-rise building have to deal with tragedy.
This type of tragedy is truly every high-rise manager’s worst
nightmare. That bad dream is someone falling from the building. This
may not happen to a high-rise manager in his or her entire career; yet it
may happen more than once. The chances or odds, if you will, of it occurring
are commensurate with the nature of what a high-rise building is.

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