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JM Romich Enterprises/ Everydry Waterproofing of upstate NY

Posted: 2010-12-04 by   alco
Sales Tactics / ethics
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Everydry Waterproofing of Upstate New York
Rochester, New York
United States

These people made an appointment with my 89 year old mother to do a free inspection of her basement. After four hours of pushing her, she signed a contract for $11, 000 to replace a basement wall that they told her could collapse if it wasn’t tended to immediately. here is the rest of the story. there is some joint’ cracking near the top of the cellar wall…been that way for probably 20 years. they also were going to sell her a new dehumidifier becase theirs was less expensive to run claiming hers cost $5.00 per day and theirs cost only $2.00 per day. My mother told them that she did not own the house…(my Brother does)… they didn’t care, she lives in a condo community where all major structural repars have to be cleared by the board, and most of those repairs are covered under the HOA.. they didn’t care. She told them that she wanted to talk to her son first, they told her that if she didn’t sign that day she would miss out on the $4333.00 discount they offered against the original estimate of $15, 328!

Per the workers in the office, the owners were not available when i called at 8 am on Saturday morning and that he contract and check were with the salesman and he was out of town. I went to their office to get the contract voided and they had nothing there for me as per my request. when I threatened to have everyone arrested, low and behold, they got Mrs Romich on the phone 10 minutes after i left the office i got a call from Mr Romich telling me that if i met him at the office on Monday morning, he would give me back everything. he said the contract and check were locked up in the office…so i guess the contract and check weren’t with the salesman after all.

So here it is, these people obviously don’t care much about ethics, they’ll hammer away at an 89 year-old woman (who, by the way, is virtually deaf) to get her to spend $11, 000 on a $50 repair!

These people would have to come up in the world just to be bottom feeders!

The old rule always applies…iif someone offers you a discount if you committ today… they are ripping you off.

Always know who you are doing business with and always get multiple estimates

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