Nevada Court UpHoldsFair Use" of Others Work In Righthaven vs. Realty One Group, Inc et al

As a blogger, I ofetn use someone else work to comment on, quote from and post some of the work to interest our readers…I always link back to the website where I found it and say “Read the Rest of This Article By Clicking Here”. Our goal has always been educational-give people information and they will make good decisions.

In Nevada, a company called Righthaven has been making bloggers lives miserable by siccing their lawyers on them for using copyrighted work that Righthaven buys from newspapers. They have done pretty well by bullying small bloggers who, like me, don’t have tons of dough to fight the SOB’s. Apparently they’ve forced monetary settlements from a number of people and small business. 

However, in a delightful ruling recently by a Nevada Court, a suit filed by Righthaven against a Nevada Realtor and blogger was found to be without merit as the court found the blogger to be within the legal boundaries of the fair use doctrine.

The defendant had used 8 lines from a 30 page article, linked back to the article and still got sued…Congrats go to Michael Nelson for his victory over the man…
Read the courts decision by clicking here.