om Paint Square-OSHA Reviewing All Permissible Exposure Limits

Saw this on my Paint Square newsletter this morning…

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration is conducting a comprehensive review of hundreds of chemical Permissible Exposure Limits that the agency says are dangerously outdated.
The review could lead to lower, or even first-time, PELs for hundreds of chemicals. The impact could reverberate throughout the paint and coatings industry, where scores of chemicals are already subject to PELs and new health risks from workplace chemical exposures are being reported almost daily.
‘1950s-era Science’
“Many of our permissible exposure limits are based on 1950s-era science that we now realize is inadequate to protect workers in 21st-century workplaces,” Dr. David Michaels, OSHA Administrator, has said.  READ ALL OF THIS ARTICLE AT PAINT SQUARE BY CLICKING HERE