Del Webb Sued For Lack of Weep Screed on 1400 Home In Nevada

A developer in Nevada is being sued by 1400 homeowners at a development where it was found that weep screed, a flashing termination for stucco to weep water out over as it evacuates a wall, was never installed.

Weep screed costs me about $2.60 for a 10 foot piece…plus a little labor to install them. Little mistake costs big time to fix after wards! Tsk tsk

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Chris Saldaña, Reporter

The largest construction defect lawsuit in the State of Nevada is pitting hundreds of homeowners against a well-known developer.
Residents of Sun City Summerlin are suing the neighborhood’s developer — Del Webb — claiming it failed to install metal strips that protect a home’s foundation against water damage.
It is this community in Summerlin where frustration and concern among homeowners is common. They say a small 5-inch piece of metal called a “weepscreed” was not put in place by Del Webb when these homes were built.
Weepscreeds help keep moisture out of dry wall paneling. And now more than 1,400 homeowners have filed a lawsuit.