Nevada Coating Systems Granite Deck-Client Says It Burns…

A local competitor in San Luis Obispo puts down Nevada Coating Systems Granite Deck . The manufacturer claims it can be put down on decks, which you could if you didn’t know better…

One of my clients had received a bid from Deck Tech, Inc of Grover Beach. They specified “Granite Deck” (oooooh, it sounds like tough stuff doesn’t it?) to install for the client.

The client was almost sold that day, but did call Central Coast Waterproofing for a bid. We came and looked ta the job, discussed the products and showed the client our ICC report for Desert Crete. 

We left a sample of the Desert Crete so they could compare it to the NCS Granite Deck…I told the client that Granite Deck has no testing or evaluation to certify it’s use a as a deck coating, only manufacturer claims…

The client is a smart guy, he did some research,  investigating my claims and  I got an email back from him, he did his own “testing” of the NCS Granite Deck and Desert Crete…here are the clients own results.

“I tried to reach the fire department about fire-proof ratings, etc, but was unable to get through.  So, I tried lighting the sample you gave me and also the sample from decktech:  the decktech material catches on fire after exposure to a flame from a cigarette lighter; your material does not.  This is a very important consideration for us.”

If  having deck coating materials that don’t catch on fire is important to you, please call Central Coast Waterproofing today at 805-545-8300.

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