Deck Expert Not Welcome at John Bridge Forums-Tile Setters Take Offense That I Said Most Can’t Waterproof Decks For Tile, Then One Proves It With Pics

I like to roam the websites of other companies; searching for and gathering relevant information to point you to. Articles, How To, forums, etc., I find what I think will interest my readers and post it here and at our website.

One forum I thought was interesting is a website/forum on tiling. I signed up, made a few posts and had some lively discussions with some of the members, and then wham, without any notice, I got banned…

seems that JB can’t take criticism or have a discussion on waterproofing without their feelings getting hurt. On one series of discussions on waterproofing decks, several tile setters took issue with my statement that waterproofers should waterproof a deck, then tile setters should set tile on the deck.

Here’s a post of mine at their site
Judging From the Numerous Artilces From Dave Gobis and Michael Byrne, I’d Beg To Diff
Ceramictec says any good tile setter know how to waterproof…I beg to differ.
Dave Gobis in a recent article (Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Tile Magazine, which I’m sure you all get…) predicted that “There’s no end in sight to leaky decks.”

he continues on saying further in the article…”Decks and patios are fraught with obstacles to a successful installation. ..I have yet to see a product failure, however it was alleged that there was a product failure on every job. So far all have been inappropriate product selection, and/or poor workmanship.

Manufacturer’s have done an outstanding job of developing products to address waterproofing in particular. With the blurring of the traditional tile setter into the realm of floor cover-er, waterproofing has seen a disproportionate amount of failures. It is generally accepted and well known that a floor layer can get into big trouble in this specialized area without proper training…”

jeez, we better let Bart Bettigia, Dave Gobis and Michael Byrne know they are gonna be out of a job writing about tile failures and waterproofing issues soon then…

they must be writing articles on bad tile waterproofing and tile application jobs for the 3-4 guys who don’t know how to waterproof and tile and if those 3 or 4 are reading this thread, well then they’ll clue in too
or maybe it’s just in California that the tile guys don’t know how to waterproof???

Then I get a guy on the forum who says he as a tile setter can waterproof and posts pics to prove it…and so I studied his pictures. Here’s one above-from his post I quote
” If I had to choose one specialty trade to install a waterproof tiled deck I would hire a ‘good’ tilesetter.
Like Brian said emphasis on good.
Can qualified tile setters waterproof a exterior deck properly? Flood test of deck over finished garage. The owners Mercedes stayed nice and dry. This was a repair of a an improperly installed deck that was leaking.
This is the secondary membrane on top of the mortar bed.
And I agree exterior decks are some of the most difficult and detailed jobs a tile setter will generally encounter. But shower pans typically get a lot more water on them than any exterior deck or roof. Unless you live out on the Hana side of Maui. (where it rains alot)
There are plenty of so called tile setters that don’t know how to waterproof, they are called carpetlayers.”

So lets go back and study his picture of the deck above…look closely and you’ll notice a membrane run up the wall over the stucco. Notice the lack of a weep screed/materials break.
This tile setter may have “waterproofed” the deck, but he’s screwed the owner over by not allowing the stucco to weep any water in the wall out…he’s effectively trapped it. Not understanding the effect of wrapping a membrane up the wall is POOR WORKMANSHIP!
I say Tile setters set tile, waterproofers waterproof for tile…so keep that guy away from my house!
John Bridge invited me to send visitors to their site for free advice…the only advice I can give is be careful…most tile guys in my opinion don’t know diddly about waterproofing. Click to Check out their website here… and tell them that The Deck Expert should be on their forum and not to be afraid!