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Construction Claims seminar February 24, 2011

Understanding and Negotiating Your Construction Contract
Speakers: William L. Porter, Esq. and Conor H. McElroy, Esq.
Mar. 15 & May 17
SRBX, Sacramento

Construction Claims
Speaker: William L. Porter, Esq.
Feb. 24, Apr. 12 & Jun. 14
SRBX, Sacramento

Cost: $25 SRBX members,
$45 non-members
To register, contact Erin Lynch at 916-442-8991 ext. 105 or

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In this two-hour course you will learn how to protect your rights as a claimant in the construction collection process. The discussion identifies the proper documents to use, the timelines in which to use them, and to whom the documents must be provided in order to successfully pursue construction claim rights. Specific topics include the Preliminary 20 Day Notice, Conditional and Unconditional Waivers and Releases, Notices of Completion, Notices of Cessation, Mechanics’ Liens, Bonded and Unbonded Stop Notices, Payment Bond Claims, Miller Act Claims, Prompt Payment Remedies, the Affidavit-Counteraffidavit Process and the Construction Lawsuit. Important industry forms, deadline diagrams, articles, additional helpful materials and tips from a construction attorney with more than 20 years of experience are provided.
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