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Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) is the national trade association for those that hold the Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) credential.   APRA provides a common base of knowledge, standards of care and professionalism.  Membership is open to reserve study providers and those that provide related services.  

For membership information and the latest APRA Advisor, go to www.apra-usa.com

Refined Like Fine Wine.  Keep your Reserve Study fine tuned.
Ask the Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA).  An insider’s insights.
The Importance of Preventive Maintenance.  Your asset lives depend on it.
Paint Preparedness.  Use your paint supplier’s expertise.
Green Bananas.  Avoid short term thinking.
Construction Terminology.  Contractor: A gambler who never gets to shuffle, cut or deal.

2011 APRA SYMPOSIUM will be held in Chicago IL on June 10-11. 
See www.apra-usa.com for a Registration Form.

APRA Advisor is distributed to over 10,000 HOA board members and managers throughout the country. 
For advertiser information, email APRA@teamwi.com

Richard Thompson  PRA
Association of Professional Reserve Analysts

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