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June 2011 

About NewLook

NewLook is the leading manufacturer of premium architectural and specialty decorative concrete solutions. Our superior systems have been proven since 1989 by industry professionals and property owners alike to restore and enhance the image of concrete.

NewLook was founded on the principles of innovation, sustainability and the belief that maintaining concrete should be convenient and affordable. Whether you are specifying or installing decorative concrete NewLook has a high-quality solution for you!

“I have used NewLook products since 2003 and have watched…many attempts by rival companies to copy NewLook's formulas. Fortunately for NewLook, these attempts have had dismal results in product integrity and overall sales [NewLook] is truly a unique, one-of-a kind, multi-faceted product and formula. And it's the only brand STAINTEC chooses to purchase and support.”

Glen Roman,

“The moment I started doing decorative concrete work I was advised to familiarize myself with NewLook and their products. Over five years later, NewLook products are still the only ones I use. I've gotten to the point that most of my pictures in my portolio are of NewLook applications. Customers like my Before & After pictures so much they don't even look at the NewLook color chart and ask me to pick colors for them. I'm a self-employed contractor and Certified NewLook Installer. NewLook's stains are perfect for me. With a minimal amount of tools and overhead, I can put down NewLook five days a week and not break a sweat.”

Wayne Morse

Owner AM Resurfacing; Sacramento, CA

“I have over 25 years of professional experience in custom and decorative concrete and my motto has always been 'do it right the first time'! But I'm always looking for ways to do it better and expand my horizons: In 2007 I began using NewLook's Concrete Color Stains and I was hooked on the first job. New construction, restoration, repair…it does it all and my customers love the results. Honestly, I have used other products by never achieved the phenomenal results I ALWAYS get from NewLook stains. I average 25% to 30% better coverage than other brands with less labor. That's real savings! Better adhesion too; NewLook stains do not come off unless you want them to, unlike other comparable products. NewLook's stains have better color and consistency; side by side you can see the difference. The best service, advice and solutions form the guys who make it–not some salesman. Ask anyone who knows me; I won't use anything else.”

Tom Disher

Owner, TD Concrete; Newport News, VA




Friday, July 22, 2011
9:00 to 4:00 pm
NL Corporate Office
1525 S Gladiola Street, Suite 8

Salt Lake City, UT 84104




Professional decorative concrete installers can become Certified NewLook Installers by participating in and completing the NewLook Certification Program. It is a rigorous and comprehensive training program designed to give you the tools and skills necessary to successfully build your installation business with NewLook.
About the Program
The program is comprised of both classroom and hands-on training. A written examination will be provided at the end of the training to verify mastery of the NewLook system and NewLook will issue completion certificates upon successfully completing the program.
Students work hands-on with NewLook's family of Concrete Color Stains and learn the correct methods of preparation, application and uses of these products, along with advanced (faux finish) techniques.
This is the ideal program for professional decorative concrete installers or professional installers interested in adding decorative concrete services as part of their business.
The goal of the program is to give professional installers a comprehensive understanding of unique features and benefits of NewLook's premium products, along with the respective preparation and installation techniques, so that you can use these methods to develop your own repertoire of business services based on NewLook's system.
You will leave with unique finished samples to use as valuable tools for expanding your business and the materials and tools to practice once class is over.
The Certification Program Includes:
Comprehensive classroom and hands-on instruction (Value: $1,000)
NewLook sample product used for training (Value: $500)
Finished sample boards (Value: $300)
NewLook Certified Installer Training Manual (Value: $100)
Certificate of Completion
Additional Benefits of Certification:
On-going Technical Support
Access to business development information and materials
Customer installation leads
Company promotion on NewLook's website
Product price discount (during class only)
Authorization to use the NewLook brand and trademarks to promote your business
Fast cars, adoring fans, international fame and notoriety, free parking anywhere…maybe.
That's nearly a $2,000 value for materials, class instruction and continuing support.
But NewLook is pleased to offer this training package to you for the all-inclusive price of $300 for the first attendee, $200 for the second attendee and $100 for each subsequent attendee! Registration fees must be paid 7 days in advance to reserve your seat and produce your materials needed for the class.
Tentative Itinerary
AM: Classroom–basics introduction, system evaluation, product knowledge presentation
PM: Hands-on training, installation training, (advanced) technique development
What's In It For You?
You may be asking yourself, “What's in it for me?” Here's a little secret: we like having you in class, but that’s not really how we make our money! We earn our living by supplying material for your contracting projects; so we need you to be the best in the business! It’s a win-win proposition! Once class is over, call or e-mail with any questions that may come up on your projects–we are available by phone or online to provide you with whatever materials or tools you may need.
Ready to become a part of the NewLook team? Act fast–-we only accept up to 10 students (or less) to ensure the personal attention you need to master the NewLook Concrete Color Maintenance system.
The cost of all our workshops includes all materials used during class, in addition to material to take home after class. Tools will be provided. Breakfast and lunch will be served. We limit this small, intimate class to 10 students (or less) so you are guaranteed to receive our full personal and professional attention when you attend the training.
What's the difference between the Certified Installer Training and a typical demo?
The biggest difference is the level of training and depth of knowledge covered. CIT classes offer comprehensive, rigourous, hands-on training on the entire NewLook system of products*, including advanced faux finish techniques. Demos are, by definition, a less involved demonstration that does not typically include an in-depth approach to training on ALL NewLook products. Attendees of the CIT class must demonstrate that they can successfully instal NewLook products, unlike demos. CIT attendees must also pass the training classes and NewLook authorizes them to use NewLook's trademarks in the promotion of their business; installers do not receive the same benefit from attending demonstrations. NewLook also promotes its Certified Installers both on and to installation job opportunities that specify NewLook products.
How do I register?
Contact Jacob at NewLook for additional information or to register for the next class:
(801) 886-9495
NOTE: Registration must occur within 7 days before the class to reserve your spot. NewLook reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the class at any time.

*While NewLook Certified Installer Training classes do not include hands-on training on the NanoSet Polishing System, they do include a presentation and general demonstration of how to install these products.

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1525 S. Gladiola Street, Suite 8

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

(801) 886-9495

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