Portland Waterproofing Expert Offers Free Classes to Local Insurance Agents

John’s Waterproofing, a local expert in home improvement, is offering free Continuing Education classes for all interested insurance agents. All who attend will earn two Continuing Education Credits and receive a free lunch!

The class is called “Identifying Water Intrusion Problems” and takes place in two major locations. Each location teaches the same class, simply on different days for convenience of attendees. The next classes will take place on July 21st at Standard TV & Appliance in Beaverton, and July 26th at Kelly’s Kitchen Store in Salem. 

The class provides instruction to insurance agents about the history of John’s Waterproofing, intending each insurance agent to broaden their awareness of the waterproofing industry. The class will touch upon codes that are associated with new construction, and the methods associated with waterproofing the new construction and existing basements / crawl spaces.