www.decksurfacing.com for sale

Got this email from these folks…maybe you want to buy it.


My name is Miwa Saito and I am a Business Development Manager for MCB,

an online marketing agency (mcbinteractive.com). We are offering the strategic
domain name DeckSurfacing.com for the one time price of $295.00, a small piece
of a marketing b udget that if properly positioned, can pay for itself many times over 
with the leads it creates.

This domain recently became available when it expired. We acquired this domain 
because it's a valuable asset that can drive traffic to your core brand.  Searching the
term “Deck Surfacing” on Google, yields appr oximately 15,800 results with numerous paid ads.  

Owning generic keyword terms that represent your business or brand can only help
form a company’s online presence.  

This domain name is being offered to several businesses in your industry and will be
sold to the first party that completes the sale.

We transfer ownership of the domain before payment is required. This domain must be 
accepted at GoDaddy where a free account can be created if you do not already have one there. 
You can transfer it out to the destination of your choice at a later time.

See the great things our customers are saying about us on the testimonial section of our website.

Please contact my associate, Brian Berke, directly at 818-269-8134 if you have any questions about this opportunity.

Kind regards,

Miwa Saito
Business Development Manager
P.O.BOX 1061
Alhambra, CA 91802