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Bill Leys is now connected to Chris Tooker and 4 other people


Bill Leys (@deck_expert) A great work day in Ventura…Pac ocean to our backs and 65° and sun valore! 863 sq feet of Desert Flex coming up. via Twitter

A great work day in Ventura…Pac ocean to our backs and 65° … on…

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Lovely day to go to Ventura for a job with Gardner Mgt. 860 sq feet of Merkote to tearoff via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Buy Adwords Coupons: You Can Buy Adwords Coupons of 50$, 100$ , 75$ and 80$ on very… via Twitter

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The opinions, information and advice offered by is not influenced/moderated/edited/approved or otherwise by our paid/comp’d sponsors. WDCA presents fair and equitable news, opinions, and…

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) An untrained installer can make the best product fail. My applicators have been with me installing Desert Crete for 10 years+. Lic 890269 via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) RT read all Overwhelming listening to the sales pitches…we stay with the tried and true and clients stay dry! (cont) via Twitter



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