MACE Seeks Articles on Spray Foam Roofs

nergy and Green Tech

9) Summary: Spray foam roof, commercial or residential projects

Name: Jessica Baris SprayFoam Magazine

Category: Energy and Green Tech


Media Outlet: SprayFoam Magazine

Deadline: 12:00 PM PST – 14 January


I'm the assoc editor at SprayFoam Magazine and am in search of a spray foam business/contractor that has spray foam projects in one of these categories:

Spray foam roof Commercial walls Commercial storage Residential Tank Insulation New construction Spray foam used in unique way (other than typical walls/roof app)

This is what I need: -High resolution (1 MB or higher) photos of the spray application process (the spray foam action), before and after shots are nice as well. Just need photos of the applicators spraying the foam -Photos MUST show applicators with proper personal protective equipment – SARs for interior apps, all skin covered, fall protection if needed.

Please contact me at 858-768-0826

If you have a spray foam story to share! We are always looking for new contractors to feature in our magazine. Thank you and I would greatly appreciate your reply.