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The Kryton Editorial Team

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This issue features the world’s tallest cable-stayed bridge located in Mexico; a true engineering wonder. We also share with you the 1-step construction joint dampproofing method Kryton has introduced. Read about the pre and post application points you should consider for this procedure. Lastly, we feature the concrete waterproofing for a swimming and diving pool that will be used by future Olympians of Malaysia!

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The Kryton Editorial Team

Considered the world’s highest cable-stayed bridge in the world, the Baluarte Bicentennial Bridge will be the main transportation link between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean when it opens in late 2012. Sitting 403 meters (1,321 feet) above ground, the bridge is gravity-defying. The bridge deck is so high, that the Eiffel Tower can fit beneath it, or alternatively two Washington Monuments stacked on top of one another. In addition to sheer height, the terrain is so rough that it is called the Devil’s Backbone by locals.

This superhighway will cost $1.5 billion and is predicted to cut driving time drastically between Durango and Mazatlan. Featuring a four-lane roadway 20 meters (66 feet) wide, by 1,124 meters (3,688 feet) long, and has 76 steel cables to form 152 suspenders in a two plane semi-fan layout.

But most importantly, this infrastructure is designed to bridge both social and economic developments to this region, which in the past have been difficult to access and govern. With opportunities to gain better access to this region, Mexican officials have plans to instill a stronger rule of law and reduce crime.
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The 403 meter (1,321 feet) high concrete ribbon has set a new record as the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world.


1-step joint dampproofing saves time if your joint is not below-grade or subject to
water pressure.


There is a unique 1-step construction joint dampproofing method that you may consider for your project using Kryton’s Krystol Waterstop Treatment™. In addition to installation time savings, one can expected other benefits such as ease of inspection and flexible scheduling.

Here are some things to consider for this method:

Location: Is the construction joint located below grade and subject to water pressure? If so, this procedure is not suitable. Alternatively use Kryton’s instructions for waterproofing construction joints here. Read the detailed instructions here.
Surface Preparation: Consider using a high press water blaster to effectively clean and saturate the joint in one step. Surface preparation is critical in ensuring good bonding.
Protection: After applying the Krystol Waterstop Treatment, be sure to protect it from wind and direct sunlight. Sunshades, or windbreaks made from wood or plastic sheeting offer effective protection in most cases.
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Sekolah Sukan Sabah is one of Malaysia’s first sports schools that are designed to train potential Olympians in a single integrated facility. The state-of-the-art center features amenities for every imaginable sport, including both swimming and diving categories. As the pools would be utilized daily, the waterproofing solution would have to effectively resist heavy usage, chlorine and hydrostatic pressure.

The project owners began to look for a solutions provider that could present a permanent and effective product. Several concrete waterproofing options were presented, but not all companies were able to provide case studies of projects in the Kota Kinabalu region.

Kryton was able to present a strong case with their Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®) which was used in the neighboring Marina Bay Sands project. With the recommendation of the design engineer, Kryton was able to demonstrate their ability to take the risk out of concrete waterproofing. Over 1,100 cubic meters (38,800 cubic feet) of concrete was treated with KIM, which was used to construct the swimming pool, diving pool and deck areas. Following an inspection, the design engineer said that KIM performed exactly as it stipulated in the technical data sheets.

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Built to train the future Olympians of Malaysia, Sekolah Sukan Sabah features Olympic-sized swimming and diving pools which were waterproofed with KIM.

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