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Bill Leys is now connected to Andrea Russell and 2 other people


Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Note to self…input small receipts into Quickbooks weekly rather than every 6 months. Yuck! I hate paperwork. via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) A client in San Diego searching for “Mer Kote” online finds Central Coast Waterproofing on the 1st page of results SEO works. Made the appt. via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Rain in CA today; a good day to do some paperwork! Meanwhile Mother Nature seeks weak poorly installed deck systems that are ready to fail. via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) RT @lmscofield : Think you know good decorative concrete when you see it? Cast your vote in our Decorative Concrete Awards, via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) RT @Firewise : 2-day #HIZ workshop presented by @Firewise at #WUI12 offers tools for wildfire safety mitigation via Twitter



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