LinkedIn Network Updates, 2/29/2012


Network Updates, Feb 22 – Feb 29

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Bill Leys is now connected to Lisa Ferson-Zavala and 3 other people


Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Off to Scotts Valley to look at a deck in need. Client found us on a Google search. via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Brrrrr! Thermometer says 51° but with wind chill its Brrr cold here today. Tarp up over the decks heater is on via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Never underestimate the ability of windriven rain to penetrate the bldg envelope. Condo lawsuit in Cleveland via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) A curve to our deck flashing in Cayucos is no problem with Juan Pacheco handling the shears. via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Check out this Desert Crete installation in Alameda. Created with PicSay Pro on my DROIDX via Twitter



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