Construction Defect Picture Contest

Attention NACHI Home Inspectors!

Best Defect Award II

Ladies and Gentlemen,on behalf of the Awards Committee,we have decided to bring back this Award to help promote the expertise of Inachi Inspectors in Defect Recognition and to help all new Members identify Defects that may or may not be recognized.

I do wish that all try to abide by the Rules/Criteria that the Awards Committee has assembled below,and we will try to better the program as we go with the Members Input.

I will start with the opening of the Best Defect definition below.

The Best Defect Award II

What is a defect and what are we looking for?

“Failure of the building or any building component to be erected in a reasonably workmanlike manner or to perform in the manner intended by the manufacturer or reasonably expected by the buyer,which proximately causes damage to the structure.”

A construction defect would result from:

1. Defective building materials or components. 2. A violation of Building Codes at the time of construction. 3. Failure to meet professional standards for design at the time plans was approved. 4. Failure to build according to accepted trade standards for workmanlike construction.

Construction defect pictures should depict defects due to substandard construction strategies,faulty workmanship inside and outside the house,bad building material, poor drainage systems or improper soil analysis and preparation.

All other photos submitted will not be used for Poll submissions.

The rules of the Program;


The first 15 entries for the best Defect Award for the Selected Topic,will be chosen to run in the Poll for the month. Your Best Defect Picture should be original from the poster and taken within the past 3-4 months from this date.

Winners of each month will compete in a Poll and at the end of the Year,a Poll will be run for the 12 best defects for a Cash Prize or equivalent for the Award. (Not established as of yet.)

Only 1 defect pictures will be selected to participate in the Poll from each Member for the best 15 selections of the Month.

Nominate every month if you wish,but only the first 15 Member nominations will be accepted.

Defect Pictures will be submitted to the Awards Committee based on these 12 Topics in which there will be a different one for all the 12 months. Poll will result at the end of the 15 submissions.

General Discussions related to the Poll pictures will be welcome during the Poll voting.

Topics for Best Defect Awards; The catagories are all part of the Standard of Practice for Inspections as listed below.

1. Grading,defects,any type. 3.2

2. Interior,defects,Fireplaces and chimnys IE,water intrusion,etc. 3.10,3.8

3. Exterior, defects, IE, exterior cladding defects, etc. 3.2

4. Foundation-Basement,crawlspaces,defects,IE massive cracks,water intrusion,failure,etc. 3.3

5. Roof,defects,IE,crazy roof installations,poor condition,amateur work,etc. 3.1

6. Electrical,defects,IE,bizarre connections,poor panels,amateur work,etc. 3.7

7. HVAC,defects,IE,poor condition,amateur installation,dangerous conditions,etc. 3.4,3.5

8. Plumbing,defects,IE,bizarre water heater installations,amateur installations of any kind,etc. 3.6

9. Insulation-ventilation,defects,IE,no insulation, massive bird nests,amateur installations,etc. 3.9

10. Kitchens,defects,IE,bizarre installations,pipes leaking,sink base cabinets rotted beyond your wildest imagination,etc.

11. Bathrooms,defects,IE,tubs rotted,showers leaking,amateur installations,etc.

12. Decks,defects,IE,amateur dangerous decks,etc.

We will now start the game and Nominations with #3 Topic of;

Exterior, defects, IE, exterior cladding defects, etc.

Gentleman, start your engines and let the game begin.