HARO Has a Request for Info on Building Codes

HARO-Help A Reporter Out Has an Inquiry On Building Codes
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here's the question today.
Summary: expertise on building codes
Name: Chris WarrenHowStuffWorks.com
Category: Public Policy and Government
Media Outlet: HowStuffWorks.com
Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 22 March
Hi, I'm doing an explainer story about building codes and need
some expert input. Here are the sorts of questions I need
answered: What are building codes?
What's their purpose?
How did they come about? What were things like before they
Are they pretty similar everywhere? Or does every
country/state/municipality have its own set?
Who establishes them?
Do they change over time or tend to stay the same?
How are they set?
Who do building codes effect?
How can building codes affect your construction project?
How do you make sure your structure sticks to code?
Is it always necessary to follow building codes to the letter of
the law? Or are there sometimes exceptions made?
What happens if codes change mid-project or even after your
project is done? Do you have to change things at a later date?