Interesting Seminar at LA Build Expo Coming Next Month to Anaheim "How to Evaluate Waterproof Coatings Roofs, Walls, Floors"

Contractors and architects should attend this seminar!
How to Evaluate Waterproof Coatings Roofs, Walls, Floors
11:30am – 1:00pm :: Wednesday & Thursday

There are 2 basic types of solutions with coatings:

1. Membrane forming

2. Non Membrane forming, which are penetrating coatings

No one can tell how well a coating will perform by looking at it in a pail. Reading and understanding what the manufacturer created the product to do is the only way to do that. What do you read? What the marketing department has written about how easy it is to use? Or do you read the results to all the standard testing methods for the coating industry that the manufacturer has performed? How do you find that information? More importantly, what does it mean? Contractors, facility managers, or property owners trust what they see on the packaging and often don't realize there is any important engineering data beyond the technical information on how to install the material, or system. It is impossible to know if a coating will provide the necessary waterproofing without the ability to understand the scientific testing data put out by a manufacturer. The marketing people count on that so the packaging shows simple installation steps with pictures; who would think there is more to know than that? I would like to give you some easy basic tools to help you find, read, and analyze a coating manufacturer's engineering specifications. It will help you compare products, systems, and even warranties. There are 5 basic pieces of information on the engineering sheets that will tell you if a membrane forming coating product is going to work as waterproofing before you buy and apply it.


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