Leaky Decks Added to Woes at Denver’s Leaking Beauvallon Condo

From Durability and Design's Daily Mail…
The wall system’s shortcomings were only part of the story, as improperly installed EPDM waterproofing membranes on plaza decks caused water to penetrate and wreak havoc.

Brushed Asides

By Joe Maty


Mile-High Megamess: The True Story of an Epic Building-Rescue Mission

The Beauvallon Condominiums in Denver started life in 2001 as one of the hottest addresses in the city.

But the upscale condos’ Wow Meter took a big plunge not long after the complex’s arrival on the Mile High cityscape.

The problem? Big-time water damage.

The Beauvallon’s descent into a waterlogged morass—and its rise, Phoenix-like, from multistory sponge to renewed inhabitability—made for one of the more interesting narratives at the RCI International Convention, wrapping up today (Tuesday, March 20) in Dallas.


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