LinkedIn Network Updates, 3/28/2012


Network Updates, Mar 21 – Mar 28

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Bill Leys has an updated profile (Expertise, Experience)




Bill Leys is now connected to Alan Moore and 2 other people


Bill Leys (@deck_expert) I posted 15 photos on Facebook in the album “Taming A Tiger’s Leaking Swimming Pool With Kryton” via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Is Chase Bank stymieing Occupy protestors with “imaginary” waterproofing project? via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) RT @usnistgov : Check out a video of the fire-spewing Dragon, a tool NIST uses to study the spread of wildfires to urban areas via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Rubber waterproofing under tile is going to fail! Another series of pics prove it again. Always use TCNA appvd systems via Twitter

Bill Leys (@deck_expert) Whats the difference btwn us & our local competitors? Ask us how many decks of theirs we’ve torn off and redone. Ask them how many of ours? via Twitter



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