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Article Spotlight Deck Coatings & Their Care: This is the first article I ever wrote, and it's about the subject of deck coatings and their maintenance. Appearing in ECHO Journal, CAI Chapter magazines and Apartment focused magazines, the article drew folks attention to their decks needs and maintenance requirements. Read our article again, it's still as relevant today (probably more so) and will remind you of the importance of maintenance and periodic inspections that will save you money.   For more articles and information, see us at www.deckexpert.com.

Excerpt-Warning signs to look for on your deck inspection include cracks in the deck coating, nails popping through the coating from the subsurface, delaminating paint and bubbles in the coating surface. Any of these items found is a sign that the waterproof surface has been compromised. Owners should be looking for these warning signs too, as well as looking for stains on their ceiling or walls in the home below their deck. Metal flashing can be checked for signs of rust, pulling loose from the deck coating or if it is bent or broken. 

Read our article by clicking here.


A Leaking Pool The Tigers Play In Needed Help So
Central Coast Waterproofing Donated the Costs of the Labor, Kryton Donated Materials
and The Tigers Can Now Swim and Cool Off in the Warm Summer Months! 

Our coolest job ever is our being able to waterproof the pool at the Oakland Zoo Tiger Exhibit.

Our project came about when the Zoo found out they were getting four new Tigers. The pool was going to be needed for 5 Tigers roaming the enclosure and only one other watering pool. This pool leaked and needed fixing. Coatings wouldn't work, ever seen a Tigers paws? Big claws would slice up most coatings. Something else was going to be needed to waterproof the pool. That's where research on the web found crystalling waterproofing technology by Kryton, the innovator in the field. The Zoo contacted Kryton, the original manufacturer of Crystalline Waterproofing.  Kryton passed the lead to Hill Brothers, their California distributor. Hill Brothers called on us,  believing that we were the best qualified to install and represent Kryton.

The old pool hadn’t been used for a long time, it had cracks in it and the porous concrete would leak water out. First we used Desert Brand concrete etch on the pool to help clean it and open the pores. A power washing finished cleaning the pool.

Our crew then opened the cracks in the bowl, filxing them with Bari-Cote and T1. After drying for the night, we came back and applied  an application of Kryton T1 to the bowl. Allowing that to dry, an application of Kryton T2 was applied the following day and that completed our waterproofing application. The Kryton was cured by wetting it down for 72 hours by Zoo staff, at which point the pool will be waterproof as the crystals grow into the concrete. After seven days of cure, the pool was filled.

The Tigers enjoy their pool a lot, swimming and playing in it daily. We enjoyed our time at the Oakland Zoo, meeting the caring people who care for these and all the other magnificent animals!

Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing Products can solve your leaking below grade, water feature, swimming pool, dam, elevator pit and any concrete products problems.

Click here to view our webpage on our waterproofing services at Central Coast Waterproofing's website. 


Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing products  

Bill Leys To Present At APRA on May 5th 

Association of Professional Reserve Analysts Annual Symposium Las Vegas NV: OnMay 5, 2011, Bill Leys, owner of DeckExpert.com & CCW, will present a seminar Deck Specs-We will review deck 

material and design alternatives plus red flags of failure along with information on costs of deck repairs and replacement. 

Bill will review the various deck coatings commercially available, their maintenance requirements and what to look for on inspections of the decks.

Bill is a former NBC-CAM certified CMCA when he was a portfolio manager for Manderley Property Services. 

HOA managers attending the annual CAI convention next door may wish to sign up for this important seminar.

If you need an expert to provide your group an educational seminar on decks, call us today at 805-545-8300. We can customize a seminar to your needs.   



A history of innovation :  Kryton’s tale is one of consistently providing innovative solutions to customers’ real world problems. A steady rise from a small, family-run business to the industry’s leading concrete waterproofing solutions provider in the world.

Like many companies, Kryton was built to solve a problem. CanWest Waterproofing Company was a waterproofing applicator that opened its doors by the current chairman of the Kryton board, R.G. (Ron) Yuers. It was soon realized that the materials they purchased from a local supplier weren’t working satisfactorily. Ron decided that if there wasn’t a solution available in the market, he would create one. So, he hired a chemist. After hundreds of hours in a laboratory, Krystol® technology was born and in 1973 Kryton was formed as a new company to launch it into a global market. 



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