Hill Brothers Desert Crete and Magnesite Deck Systems Gest New Updated ICC-ES Report

ICC-ES recently published an updated report for Hill Brothers Chemical Companies Magnesite deck system and Desert Crete decking system. 
The report finds that both systems are Class A roof and walking deck rated as well as being One Hour rated for fire resistant construction. The tests performed to determine fire resistance are done under ASTM E 108 and the E 119 standard methods of testing fire resistance. 
The report finds that the system meets the 1997 UBC and the 2006 IRC and IBC. 
The systems are also approved for High Wind Zones; Desert Crete and Magnesite can be used in areas where max wind speed is up to 155 mph. 
Read the whole report and download it at ICC-ES' website by clicking here  http://www.icc-es.org/reports/pdf_files/ICC-ES/ESR-1661.pdf