is The Advocate For Division 7 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings as a Better Choice over Wood or Composite Decking


“Wood decks are just organized kindling” -firefighter in YouTube video is the advocate for the use of solid surface Division 7 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings/decking. Solid surface decking offers considerable advantages over traditional wood decking and composite decking. 

Solid surface decking-concrete based systems offer Class A fire resistant ratings as well as “One Hour” fire ratings (some not all do) as per ASTM E-108 UL790 and or ASTM E-119 requirements. 

Solid surface Pedestrian Traffic coatings offer waterproofing for roofs over living spaces as well as being able to be walked on. Using wood or composite decking requires a waterproofing system AND the deck for traffic.   

Solid surface pedestrian coatings are far easier to maintain and less expensive to own. A typical wood or composite deck has an estimated life span of 15-20 years. A solid surface decking system made of concrete is expected to last 25-30+ years.

Solid surface pedestrian traffic coatings don't need yearly dreaded maintenance of sanding and staining and sealing. No splinters, no nails popping out to catch bare feet. With a solid surface deck system, you'll need to have most painted about every 3-5 years.

Come explore the ways Division 7 Pedestrian Traffic coatings can make your home safer from fire, easier to maintain and help maintain or even increase it's value!